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Reopening Plan

Tri-Point Schools Community Member,

I would like to begin this letter by saying that we remain appreciative of your patience and support through these trying times.  At the Tri-Point Board of Education Meeting held Monday July 20th, the School Re-opening Plan was adopted.  We recognize that no plan we make on how schools will reopen and operate will be universally agreed upon by all of our students, parents, staff, and community[JB1]  members. We all will need to realize that no matter how strongly one family may  believe that what we are doing is appropriate, another family may believe as strongly that what we are doing is inappropriate. As a school district, we are caught in the middle of two very passionate and opposite positions. Our Re-opening plan was developed in such a manner as to recognize feedback from our families, the reality of what we believe we can put into operation, and, as much as possible, the guidance from various state agencies. While we expect that there will be some minor changes to the plan before the start of the school year, we are hopeful that the foundation of the plan will sustain and remain unchanged. While the plan in its entirety is many pages and very detailed, a summary of the plan appears below:

  • Families will be able to choose either an in-person instructional program in which students physically attend school, a remote learning program in which students stay at home and the school provides the curriculum, and a home school option in which the parent is the teacher and provides the curriculum.
  • The Home School option is not associated with Tri-Point Schools. Parents are responsible for all instruction and testing.  
  • Remote Learners may still need to come to school periodically for assessments.
  • Unlike last spring, students that choose the remote learning option may fail individual courses or subjects for incomplete or incorrect assignments and failing test grades. (Last spring schools were instructed by the Illinois State Board of Education to award incomplete grades rather than failing).
  • Remote Learners will not be able to participate in extracurricular activities.
  • Families that chose remote learning are making a semester long commitment to stay with that option. 
  • The School Day for in-person instruction will be 8:10 – 2:10 and operate five days a week.
  • All Staff and Students must wear a facemask while at school when unable to properly social distance (Medical exemptions may be obtained with a Doctor’s Note).
  • Schools will take every opportunity to properly social distance and allow students to take “mask breaks”.
  • Students must wear facemasks to access bus service – Parents are encouraged to transport students whenever possible to relieve crowding on school buses.
  • Temperature checks will be conducted daily to access the bus service and to access school buildings.
  • Visitors will not be allowed to enter school buildings without an appointment.  Visitors must submit to a temperature check and wear a facemask whenever at school.  Virtual or Zoom meetings will be conducted for parents that cannot wear a facemask for medical reasons.


This is not just a plan to re-open schools, it is a plan to keep schools open. We can only keep Tri-Point Schools open if we keep any outbreaks to a minimum.  If our school becomes a local hotspot of cases, we will most certainly be shut down by state and local officials.

Beginning Monday, July 27, the school will begin to contact all families in the school district to ask which option they will be choosing. You should be ready to choose one of the three options below:

  1. Home School: Parent is responsible for the educational program – School is not involved.
  2. Remote Learning: The School provides the educational program and supports the student through remote meetings and lessons, assignments, and testing.
  3. In-Person Instruction: The student attends school daily and receives traditional instruction from classroom teachers.


Thank you for your continued patience and support.

Jeff Bryan

Jeff Bryan


Tri-Point CUSD #6J