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District Sports Announcement

To all Tri-Point Students, Parents, Families and Community

Yesterday, in typical Friday fashion, we were thrown another curve without warning that is both
great news and incredibly challenging involving the status of junior high and high school sports
in our region. We will take on those challenges trying to maximize opportunities for the children
we serve.
The challenges include managing the expectations of the governing bodies which include IHSA,
IESA, our sports conferences, IDPH, and FCPH. These organization pass down universal rules
/ recommendations and we have to figure out what we can do and how we can manage those
demands with our facilities, offerings, and staff. The most significant update involves high-risk
sports in Regions that have improved from Tier 1 to Phase 4. Schools within a Phase 4 Region
can now conduct intra-conference and intra-region contests in high-risk sports. Moderate-risk
sports competing outdoors in Phase 4 also received expanded scheduling opportunities,
including tournaments and out-of-state contests.
What sports will be played and when is not as simple as getting a season start and end date
and moving forward. First, students-athletes could participate in multiple activities that either run
simultaneously or have overlap creating both individual choice and potential team challenges for
numbers. Second, we have to be able to provide safe appropriate facilities to engage. In a
typical year our activities are spread out and gym is even then a challenge. Compressing all
activities into a narrow timeline could limit how often or what we can offer. We are fortunate to
have dedicated coaches that often coach multiple sports, but they cannot be in two places at
once when seasons overlap or run simultaneous. Officials will be in high demand, and have
been scarce for years. Our athletic directors have a great group of officials but booking will be
hard because of demand. Finally, transportation is required and we have a great crew, but
limited numbers of buses and drivers for extra routes and events.
I share these challenges with you so you can understand the decisions we will be making in the
coming days. We ALL want our kids to be provided opportunities to do the things they love and
we will do all we can to make that happen. Like all things in 2020-2021 what we decide will not
be the same as the district down the road because our circumstance is different. We look
forward to managing this unique circumstance and preparing for a fresh start to 2021-2022 this
If you have questions, concerns, frustrations, or celebrations please share those in a
constructive and productive way and we can work together to serve our children.
Thank you for supporting Tri-Point
Jeff Bryan